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GuestBlogger2From time to time, To Be Told will invite a guest blogger to share his or her story. This week, Whitney Wright is sharing about the highs and lows of a traveling life. Read more about Whitney at the close of this article, and via her site.



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All throughout college I dreamed of getting away and traveling. I would find myself avoiding studies to read Internet articles about people exploring the world with only a backpack. I would think how amazing it would to have a life full of spontaneous adventure. So when I got the opportunity to take a job doing something I loved and get to travel full time, I had hit the jackpot. But it didn’t take long for me to figure out I do not have a gypsy soul I craved.

  1. I can’t fit my material possessions in a checked bag and a carryon, let alone one backpack. Yes, I should probably be ashamed of this but I have a first world problem of a need for options. I like mixing up my basic wardrobe of “which grey t-shirt should I wear today?” Could I live with one grey t-shirt? Sure, but I would get bored of it. Switching up outfits keeping me feeling fresh. I know it seems silly but living out of a backpack would be a serious challenge for me. How many pairs of shoes fit in a backpack? Don’t lie you are thinking the same thing.
  2. The hardest thing about moving around is building relationships with people and having to leave them. I feel like I am physically leaving a piece of me behind everywhere I go. Living in Hawaii this semester I know that I’m extremely blessed but I find myself thinking about home and chapters in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio, Georgia, and Mississippi I’ve visited and wondering if they are doing well. Tomorrow I’m traveling home to Atlanta, and although I’m ecstatic to see my family, I know part of me will still be thinking about everything in Hawaii and missing it. I get a taste of a place and part of me wants to stay there forever and experience life with them. This is where teleportation would be helpful so I could pop in whenever. It’s 2016, why don’t we have teleportation in the Muggle World yet?

Sincerely, traveling is the most incredible thing you can do but the people you experience the world with are truly who make it special. I wish that every person in the world could be faced with this issue of loving too many people in too many places. It the best/worst thing I’ve ever experienced. I don’t have a gypsy soul. I can’t move around constantly without planting roots. I need stability and time to try and make an impact on someone’s life and have them make an impact on me. I believe adventure is not only places you go but also the people you encounter and learn from on the way. Here’s to many more travels in the future and sharing them with special people along the way.

xoxo, Whit

PS- Thank you technology for making it easier to maintain long distance contact with people. FaceTime and SnapChat you’re the real MVPs


My husband and I first met Whitney about 18 years ago. We’d just bought our first house. Whitney was the sweet little 4-year-old living with her parents and big brother in the house behind us. Whitney is a 2015 graduate of Kennesaw State University. She currently serves as a Chapter Consultant for the Phi Mu sorority, traveling to universities throughout the United States. Her current assignment has her working for several months in Hawaii.



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