a mission statement, if we had such a thing

BEHIND EVERYI recently found myself trying to explain the idea of To Be Told to a local entrepreneur. I actually do this fairly regularly. But this last time, the thoughts and words seemed to come together in a way that made me think, “yeah, that’s it!”

So maybe if To Be Told had a mission statement, this could be it…

Behind every business, boutique, passion or project is a person.
And behind every person is a story.

When those stories are told, a connection is created.
Those businesses, boutiques, passions and projects suddenly have a face.
Those people suddenly become more than just a name.

To Be Told seeks to facilitate that connection,
giving people a place for their stories To Be Told.

(And I love that I get to be a part of telling the stories!)

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One thought on “a mission statement, if we had such a thing

  1. I love this! It’s so true–I find that I am much more likely to frequent a business or participate in a project when I feel a connection to those involved. Thanks for sharing these stories and reminding us that we all have our own story to share. =)