Reflecting on the first few weeks

Your life is a story.Write it.Sing it.Shout it. However you do it, just tell it.-2Three years ago this week, we arrived in Sandefjord, Norway. Our new home. We were excited. It was the first page of a new chapter. But we really had no idea what was in store.

Last night, I was sitting in another one of my art sessions with Lizz (read her story here). The course is being held at Camilla’s Cafe Vintage (read her story here). We were drinking coffee from Brian’s Phoenix Roasters (read his story here).

Stories colliding. Intersections. Connections.

This was our third session. By the time the evening was over, we had done quite a bit more work on our various projects, and I had a couple of new Facebook friends to boot.

Stories colliding. Intersections. Connections.

I sat at the table in the cafe and talked about To Be Told. I love telling the story behind the stories, the why and how of this storytelling journey. I love getting feedback. I love sharing the vision.

Stories colliding. Intersections. Connections.

It’s Friday morning. Zack and I are getting ready to head to a neighboring town for lunch with Anna and Frank, who teach at a local school (read Anna’s story here). We’ll talk about life, and hear the latest snippets from each other’s stories.

Isn’t that what conversations often are? Sharing our stories with each other, and watching how they come together at points and how they have some common themes and some unique elements.

Stories colliding. Intersections. Connections.

This weekend, we will hang out with friends from our city, and from Oslo & other cities here. We’ll speak two languages. We’ll laugh and learn together. We’ll continue to write our own stories, together.

We’ll do life the way we’ve learned to do life these past three years. In some ways it’s the way we did life in America. In many ways, though, it’s different.

Stories colliding. Intersections. Connections.

I really do love these stories, these people. Outside of Phoenix Roasters, a connection we had before we moved to Norway, these are all connections we’ve made in the last three years.

I’m excited about the place we are right now, and the storytelling journey that’s unfolding around us.

Thanks for being a part of the beginning days and stories of To Be Told.

Stories colliding. Intersections. Connections.


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