around the campfire

IMG_3912This week our sons had winter break. We didn’t have any big plans, but we did accept a last-minute invitation to join some new friends at their cabin.

A beautiful three-hour drive landed us in a snow-covered fairytale of a place. We had a quick bite to eat, and then headed for the cross-country trails.

Halfway through our trek, we stopped for a lunch break (thank goodness, I was in great need of a few minutes off my feet!). Our host built a fire, and we all dropped our skis and relaxed a bit.

Have you ever experienced one of these campfire moments? We relaxed, and enjoyed food. And conversations began to flow without any real effort.

feb271No matter the location or the cast of characters, something special happens when sitting around a fire. The smoke billows, the warmth spreads. and people begin to share. There’s joking and pranks. But the longer you sit, the more the group tends to come together.

I’ve noticed these moments around the campfire. But they also happen in late night conversations around a table full of junk food. On long car rides. Or on a weekend getaways. Really, any situation  where no one is tempted to step away to do the regular day-to-day stuff.

The places where friendship are formed or further forged. Where people get to know each other and understand a bit more about who they are, personally and relationally. Where stories are exchanged and similarities are discovered.

When’s the last time you had one of these ‘campfire moments’?

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One thought on “around the campfire

  1. Sounded like an awesome last minute trip and I would have loved to have been there too for the skiing, being outdoors, but especially the talks and laughs around the campfire. Campfire moments are wonderful and we’ve had many – the last was probably at our cabin in NC.