farewell, Nancy

Her adoring husband scribed a card to her one Thanksgiving, proclaiming, “You are the real And boy am I adessert man!whipped cream on the pumpkin pie of life.” Continuing on, he penned, “And boy am I a dessert man!”

Nancy Reagan, former First Lady of the United States, and wife/widow of former President of the United States, Ronald Regan, died today.

If you know much about the Reagan’s, you know that former President Reagan was also a Hollywood actor. And if you’ve read much about their marriage, in many respects it reads much like a Hollywood script

That’s how many portrayed the pair over the years. And in Nancy’s 2002 book I Love you, Ronnie she revealed even more about their love by publicizing a number of his love letters. Ah, sweet romance.

Of course, just as with any celebrity or political figure, everything we read and see about these two is biased, at least to some extent. Some writers focus on the positive, while others lean towards the negative. For all the glamorous and picture-perfect stories I perused on the Reagan’s, there were also some quite hurtful ones.

But somewhere in there lies reality.

Nancy Reagan-2Sure, we don’t know what Ronald and Nancy were like behind closed doors. But then, I think we all have some “unpublished” chapters in the story of our lives. Hidden places where we tuck away parts of life that we’d rather keep to ourselves. Not necessarily because of anything bad, but simply because not everything needs to be made public.

And while we may not know everything, if nothing else, Nancy Reagan was a woman who was loved and adored by her man.

And to be loved is a truly powerful thing.

Rest in peace, Nancy Reagan.

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