what inspires you?

creative3It is an interesting question, for sure. It’s likely a question that will cause you to think, to reflect, and to perhaps have a bit of self dialogue.

What inspires you?


Every couple of weeks, I meet with three other ladies for an evening of creativity.


~Time with friends is made even better when you’re in a cozy space~

We grew up in different countries, live different lives, come from different generations, and have different talents.

When we come together, we each bring any art/craft/creative projects that we are working on, and we sit and work together. We share ideas, share what’s happening in our lives, and share a bit of food as well. (Of course, there must be food!) 

This past week, our youngest member challenged everyone to bring something along that inspires them. It was quite interesting to see what was brought, but also to hear the reasoning and stories behind each item.

cardscreativeWe heard a variety of stories, some encouraging and challenging, others lighthearted and happy. But with every story or item, I was able to take a closer look at each member of our little group. What a fun time of sharing and learning together.

I would encourage you to do the same. Take some time with a couple of friends or family members, and talk about what inspires you.

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