you complete me. (and all those other cheesy movie lines…)

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dove-family-2015-148When Zack (my husband) and I were probably around 25 years old, we began asking people around us, “when did you finally feel like you were an adult?”The answers varied. Sometimes it was a certain age. Sometimes it was connected to a specific life even like a job or a death in the family. I recall one friend saying “when I had my second child.”

But here I am. 40 years old. And sometimes I still wonder when I’ll really start feeling like a grown-up.

And yet, the mirror tells me I am. The calendar tells me I am.

And the fact that Zack and I are now celebrating 18 years of marriage tells me I am.

We started dating when we were just shy of our 20th birthdays. We married at 22. So I guess that means we’ve been together more than half of our lives.

Wow. Yep, I guess I’m a grownup!

I think back to those two young people, those two kids. We were crazy in love with each other. As much in love as two twenty-something kids can be. We were probably foolish. Putting all of our money into a house a month before the wedding, and starting our happily ever after with virtually no money in the bank, and not much more than a dream of what life might be like.

But I also thiWedding-281429-1nk a little foolishness wasn’t the worst thing to start. We had no clue what was waiting for us in the years to come. And that’s quite alright.

We’ve walked through ups and downs together. We certainly don’t handle everything perfectly. But we have made it this far because of several things. They say love conquers all. And we do have an incredibly strong love for each other. But there is also respect, commitment, honesty, lots of laughter, true teamwork, and a promise to each other that we’re in this for the long haul.

He’s the one that gives meaning to all those cheesy romantic movie lines – and the one who makes fun of me when I cry during those movies. The one who snap chats my embarrassing moments, but graciously only sends them to me. The one who lovingly makes me hand brewed coffee, encourages me to follow my passion for writing and hearing people’s stories, the one who gets me like no one else.

I could go on and on with lots of words that may or may not do justice to how I feel about Zack. But the bottom line is, life is a lot more fun because I get to experience it with him.Farewell-Party-48-1024x768

Happy 18th. In the immortal words of Kip Dynamite, Always and Forever.

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3 thoughts on “you complete me. (and all those other cheesy movie lines…)

  1. Love this post and what you guys have been able to experience together. I know you are anticipating what God has in store for you together in the future too!

  2. Beautiful story. I’m thankful I’ve been able to witness your wonderful life together. Wishing you a happy anniversary. May you have many, many, many more.

    Aunt Bonnie