chasing a dream

BEHIND EVERYInspiration comes not only from the grandest of stories.

I am equally inspired by the stories of people who follow their dreams without fanfare or kudos. I’m challenged by individuals who set aside a thriving career to chase after a passion. I’m enthralled with the resilience of those involved in crash and burn tales. I’m encouraged by the stories when someone pushes on, even though it would be much easier to just call it quits.

coffeeoutIt is true that more often than not, the stories that get the most notice are those that are the biggest successes, or those where the sacrifice was immense, where there was much to overcome.

But for each one of those miracle stories, how many others are there that don’t get told? Stories of people who gave up everything, only to have their savings depleted, their hopes dashes, their dreams melted into a pile of overdue bills and questions.

And then there are the stories of people who are fighting to keep their heads above water. Maybe there is still uncertainty on what the final chapter will be, on just what might happen in the long run.

Next week, we’ll share with you a story that is a work in progress. The pursuit of the dream is still in process. The ending has not yet been written. It’s a story where each turn of the page leaves you wondering what might happen next.

The story’s setting is a small neighborhood in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius. The hero of the story is a man who was experiencing success in the advertising world, but traded the world of big clients and major projects for something totally different. He left the comforts of career for the passion of coffee. And he presses on, racing head-on and chasing after his dream.

Check back next week, and prepare to be inspired!


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One thought on “chasing a dream

  1. Love this blog – chasing a passion and dream can come in many ways, looks and versions. It is inspiring to hear of people who have caught that dream, but also those who have tried even if it hasn’t turned out as they wanted.