stepping into a fairytale

Therep1100791 are so many terms I could use to describe Lizz Daniels.


(This isn’t our first time talking about Lizz. You can read more about her and her background HERE).

p1100849Calling Lizz a creative is only hitting the tip of the iceberg. It seems inadequate. Lizz is unique, quirky, perhaps a bit eccentric. She is passionate. She is authentic. She is a woman whose very presence brings energy to a room. It’s a sort of electricity around her that is definitely contagious.

You meet Lizz, and you can’t help but smile

This summer, Lizz and her Norwegian man, Are, opened up their garden for a weekend and hosted a ‘Garden Extravaganza.’

The home has been in Are’s family for many years. Much like Lizz and Are, the abode is charming, fas
cinating and unique.

And as we stepped into the garden behind their home on a recent Saturday afternoon, we felt as if we were stepping into a fairytale.

Bright colors everywhere. Flowers, plants, Lizz’s beautiful artwork. Common everyday items turned into eye-catching pieces of beauty. People from Norw
ay and several other countries wandering through the lush green grass, sitting around cozy garden tables, enjoying tea and scones, watching as Lizz’s daughter – unique and creative in her own right – performed a hooping demonstration.

A remarkable combination of garden prowess and unique art

As many colorful adjectives I use, and as many word pictures I attempt to paint, I cannot adequately describe this event. Suffice it to say, the ‘extravanganza’ was so enjoyable that we made our way back that Sunday afternoon as well.

Much of what was on display was available for purchase, with all money going to a selection of charities. Yes, yet another thing about Lizz: her generous, giving disposition.

I love being around creative people. I am inspired by the boldness of breaking molds, of daring to be different. I walk away renewed and challenged, ready to attempt to step outside of the norms and boundaries myself.


Lizz currently has a selection of her work on display at Sandefjord’s library. Throughout the month of Septemer, visitors can browse her newest exhibition, “Experiments with Paper.”


Learn more about Lizz:

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