making the world a {giving} place

not-all-of-us-can-do-great-things-but-we-can-do-small-things-with-great-love-mother-teresaMy husband just returned from a business trip to London. 

While in England, he and some colleagues had dinner with one of our dear friends from here in Sandefjord who is currently studying in Cambridge.

This being her first semester away from home, we had a feeling she might appreciate a taste of Norway. So he took her some Norwegian chocolate and a box of gingerbread.

Margit also came with a gift for our family: a teeny-tiny nativity. A gift that we all loved. Seriously, the adorable factor is off the charts!

There are a number of sayings that come to mind as I sit and look at our petite crèche. Things related to good things, small packages. Small things, great love.

Not to mention the fact that I’ve always loved nativities. And I am fascinated by most anything made into a miniature size. Yeah, I guess I’m a bit odd!

And those are the exact sentiments of our friend Margit’s gift. Her simple gesture shows that she cares about us. And it shows how she knows us well. It was a thoughtful gift that was nothing short of perfect.

It also serves as a reminder that the simplest of actions are often the ones that mean the most. The little things. Literally or figuratively, they mean so much.

So thank you, Margit, for thinking of us, and for knowing us and loving us well. (PS – we look forward to seeing you during Christmas holidays!)

And I hope this a reminder to you, as it was to me, that it only takes a small gesture or effort to make someone else’s day a little brighter.

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