julekalender – luke nr3

Christmas calendar - door #3

Today’s Christmas calendar is dedicated to all you creatives out there. You are energetic and inspiring. You’re just what I want to be when I grow up! 

kalenderI do know that the life of a creative can often be a life of extremes: extremely high highs and extremely low lows. Creatives need to be fed. They need to collaborate. They need feedback, encouragement, criticism, maybe even a shoulder to cry on.

And creatives also need to be inspired.

Jack and Valentine Fussell have developed a community for just that: creative collaboration and inspiration.

ocOnward Creatives is a home for all of that and more. A website, an online forum, a podcast channel, and the inspiration you need to get through a creative dry spell or to get valuable feedback before taking the next step in following your dream.

Learn more, be inspired, and move onward!

Website: http://www.onwardcreatives.com
Podcasts: OnwardCreatives

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