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Adoption holds a special place in my heart. I am the mother of two amazing sons, and our family was built through adoption. So I’m always excited to follow along with other families who have been shaped and changed by adoption.

Just before adopting our older son, my brother-in-law started dating a sweet girl named Savannah. As we began getting to know each other, I learned that her family and ours had something in common.

Savannah’s parents had adopted as well. She is one of three biological siblings. Back in 2006, her parents took Savannah and her two younger sisters, and journeyed form America to China. It was then that they became a family of six.

Since that time, the Ankerich family has returned to China several more times. (And since then, Savannah also became my sister-in-law!!) They are now what most would consider a large family, with their three older daughters, and seven children from China. Their youngest came into their family earlier this year.

Scott and Sharon have opened their hearts and homes over and over, and are proof positive that there is always more love to share.

Sharon started yet another new venture this year. Together with a fellow adoptive mom, she began a podcast called Southern Joy.

As Sharon writes on one of her blogs, “we didn’t know a thing going into it and still don’t, but we are muddling our way through to encourage anyone in the midst of nurturing a family, navigating adoption, or homeschooling children. That’s our life mission and we can relate.”

In addition to Southern Joy, Sharon has added one additional podcast, A Beautiful Symphony.

You can learn more and follow Southern Joy at http://southernjoypodcast.com

Follow along with Sharon’s newest podcasts: http://abeautifulsymphony.com/podcast-debut-episode-1-kelley-berry/

Learn more about the Ankerich family’s adoption journey:

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