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Marianne and I met in college. It’s funny the things you remember years later, but I recall a couple of things in particular related to Marianne. First, she and her boyfriend (now husband) had matching Timberland boots. Euro Hikers, to be exact. I really liked them. So did my boyfriend (now hubby). So much so that we ended up with matching boots as well.

I also recall hanging out one night in the SUB (student union building) with Zack. We were watching an infomercial for these weird pre-fab homes. Marianne and Stephen came walking in. We were laughing at ourselves for our choice of television, when Stephen made it really clear that he’d already seen the sales pitch and could totally see himself buying one!

Marianne and I reconnected a number of years ago via Facebook. It’s been fun keeping up with what’s going on with her and her family.

This month, Marianne has taken on a great project. She has joined forces with 4 other women and their daughters (4 young girls and 3 high schoolers) to participate in ICC Dressed for Change’s Dressember. It’s a simple and practical way to speak out against human trafficking, and do something about it.

“My friends and I have joined thousands of women all over the world to fight human trafficking. It’s estimated that 25-45 million people are trapped in all forms of slavery. The concept of Dressember is simple: wear a dress every day in December to raise awareness about modern day slavery and raise money to fight against it.”
At Dressember’s heart is the concept of freedom, particularly for women. 85% of all the funds raised through this project will go to International Justice Mission and A-21. “In the first 12 days we have raised $1150.40! You can join us by making a donation to our page and sharing our link.”

The Dressember website explains their project goal as this: “A lot of women are passionate about ending human trafficking, but feel powerless to do anything. You may not have a lot of time, money, or influence, but you believe in the dignity of all people. Dressember creates a path for the busy woman to have a significant impact on ending a dark injustice. By wearing the Dressember uniform- a dress every day in December- she uses her voice to advocate for the freedom of all people.”

Funds raised go to rescue operations, hot meals, job training, therapy, legal proceedings and other efforts to help the victims.

To make a donation to Marianne’s team, visit https://support.dressemberfoundation.org/team/97053

Or to give specifically to Marianne’s personal goal: https://support.dressemberfoundation.org/fundraiser/850145

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