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Sometimes holidays traditions are tied to the meaning of the holiday itself. And sometimes they’re just something fun and silly you’ve always done with either family or friends.

Our traditions seem to change a bit with time. Before kids, I would spend hours preparing a big meal for family on Christmas Eve, with lots left over for our second family gathering on Christmas Day. But then life changed, and adopted a new tradition: Chinese food on Christmas Eve! It’s definitely not the average American tradition, but it was fun. And of course, that tradition was harder to follow as we moved and changed how we celebrated – but anytime we are in the states for Christmas, we’re back to having some Chinese food again!

Another tradition that seems common for many cultures at Christmas is baking. I used to love making snickerdoodles, cornflake cookies and Coca-Cola cake with my grandmother every year. As we had our own kids, I shifted to sugar cookies. And now that we live in Norway, it’s usually gingerbread.

I had fun a few weeks ago, getting together with about a half dozen other ladies from several different countries to bake cookies together. Our hostess had dough ready for gingerbread and other cookies. What a fun way to share Christmas tradition, to make some yummy treats, and to relax a little during the busy-ness of the holidays!

What fun traditions do you have during the Christmas holiday season?

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