julekalender – luke nr 21

Sometimes the holidays can be tough. So today’s calendar reveals something different – a challenge. 

Many people struggle during the holidays. It could be because they live far away from family. Maybe they are reminded of loved ones no longer with them. It might be financial difficulties, or the pain of a divorce, sickness, or a million other reasons.

But the fact is, while many find this time to be full of joy, some dread it.

So this holiday season, we encourage you to be kind. Send an email, a card, or a text message to someone who might not be experiencing a joyful season. Invite someone into your home for Christmas dinner. Lend a hand by giving them a gift card or some other gesture that could help them during a financially difficult time.

Or just smile and say hi. You never know what someone might be going through – and a smile can really go a long way.

Find some way to share some joy this Christmas season.

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