love in action

It’s Valentine’s Day. A fantastically wonderful day for some, an incredibly frustrating day for others.

But why do most people only focus on romantic love on February 14?

Love can be – and is – so much more.

So today, To Be Told issues the #LoveInAction challenge.

It seems that in recent days our world has been inundated with negative stories, division, and hateful words. But today, of all days, can be a day to do something different, something better.

Think about the kind of love that encourages others, shows them that someone is thinking of them, makes them feel valued, makes them want to pay it forward.

Find a way to show love to someone today. A friend, a family member, a loved one. Maybe someone you see on a regular basis, or someone you don’t even know.

It doesn’t have to be something big. Sometimes the little things mean the most. An email, a text message, a phone call. Buy them a coffee, some flowers, a card. Maybe you pay for the coffee for the person behind you in line.

Take five minutes, and put #LoveInAction. And pass it on.


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