our home’s thankful table


As I stood in the kitchen and began cleaning up following yet another fun visit from friends, it struck me how heavy this table is.

It sits quiet and clean right now. But this table bears the weight of countless meals, lasting friendships, heavy conversations, long nights of homework, impromptu ‘counseling’ sessions, messy attempts at new recipes, even messier attempts at a new language, laughter, tears, stories, and countless memories.

We bought this table almost 5 years ago. A secondhand purchase from a couple whose kids had grown up and moved away. So we inherited a table already heavy with its own history. We’d just moved here, knowing only one person in the entire city. When we bought it, we had no idea the number of faces we’d get to see around it over the years.

Now, as we are getting ready to head back to the states for several months at the beginning of 2018, and as we find ourselves in November, a month often focused on being thankful, I find myself incredibly thankful for the role of this table in our home.

It isn’t fancy. Neither are we, though. But it is a place where we can gather, eat, drink, and build family, community, and relationships.

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