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Christmas Around the World

Angel shares a Christmas memory from India

Our favorite tradition was out of our most difficult Christmas, which has become our family’s favorite Christmas memory.

Our first Christmas overseas was a doozie! We had been in country three short moths, and yet placed in charge of so many things. Our young blue-eyed blonde hair girls were being swarmed by locals. And the day turned out nothing like we’d imagined.

By 2 PM we were wiped, so we decided to take a family nap to sleep off the emotions. We woke up at 7 PM and I was determined to put a Christmas dinner on the table for my family, complete with dessert.

So we ate dinner at midnight, and delicious Oreo balls at 2 AM, and played together til we crashed around 3 AM!

Every Christmas since then we attend the local church in the morning, take a big long family nap, open presents, and stay up as late as want!

And, of course, we binge on Oreo balls!

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