Christmas Around the World

Susie shares one of her favorite Christmas memories from Poland.

One of our favorite traditions from Poland is Mikolajki. We first began celebrating this in 1991 and have continued until today.

Children put out their shoes on the night of Dec 5 and Swiet Mikolaj (Santa Claus) fills them  during the night. This is the celebration of the name day for Saint Nicholas. In the past, children received fruit and maybe nuts or candy – especially when times were hard. Today, kids often receive more gifts.

Our grown children continue to celebrate this tradition amongst themselves and often send small gifts to each other for this special day.

One year when we were in the US during the holidays and our children were in elementary school, we invited their teachers over for breakfast before school. Each one came and our children were able to give his/her teacher a gift to celebrate. Then they rode to school with the teacher. It was a special way to celebrate and to introduce this special time with others.

It is also a great way for us to separate Santa Claus and the nativity – Christ’s birth.

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