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Christmas Around the World

My Norwegian friend Caroline shares one of her favorite Christmas memories, from her time living in Hawaii…


Here comes Christmas…again. You know, that time of year we really see (but might not appreciate) everything we have here on our side of the earth. Our reality is that most of us have enough, right? When I was asked to share my favorite Christmas memory I was truly honored..because it’s a memory that might not have made it up on YOUR favorite list.

In 2008 my family flew out to visit me for Christmas in Hawaii. We had invited lots of friends over for Christmas Eve and decided, Christmas presents, with all the strangers who were away from their families might be a little awkward…AND my family flew out from Norway to Hawaii and that ‘ish ain’t cheap, so we decided this year, presents were not necessary. We would instead, just all be together.
It was the best Christmas Eve of my life. We spent the whole day at the beach, then invited a whole bunch of people over for a BBQ in our garage with paper plates and plastic utensils. Man! It was great. Families. Friends. A Christmas Eve about what really matters, to be together, belonging, and appreciating the relationships we have.
And hot dogs…for real. Now, that’s Christmas food for ya!!
As we head into the holiday season I can’t help but miss this Christmas a little. It was simple. It was relaxed. It was authentic. It was raw. It was real. And I hope to some day be able to give that experience to my daughter, because even though our traditions have their own charm, something so the most precious memory in my mind.

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