lefse around the world

Christmas Around the World

Elisa is an American, who grew up in Africa, and now lives in Europe. Today she shares about a Christmas tradition from her childhood that has managed to spread through generations and through the world.

How are they so strong?

How do they last so long?

I’ve always wondered this about traditions.

My family is American yet a tradition we have is to always make lefse, which is Norwegian. Several generations back my family made the heartbreaking decision to leave Norway to try to start a better life. But they took a part of their heart with them and now it continues to be passed down from generation to generation each year when we make lefse.

Why does it continue?

Because it’s a tradition filled with love, and it reminds us of those things that are special to us, no matter where the world takes you. So keep passing them on for the generations to come.


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