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Christmas Around the World

Our American friend Abby shares a story of their time living overseas…

It just so happened to be my first ever white Christmas, but it wasn’t the snow that made this particular Christmas my favorite one.

It was mine and my husband’s first Christmas as a married couple away from our home country, and, going into that Christmas season, I remember feeling sad and almost guilty that we’d be away from our normal lives and normal traditions. Though my parents would be coming to visit us for a few days on and around Christmas, most of the Christmas season would be spent in a tiny little apartment in a city we barely knew.

What I wasn’t expecting from this Christmas was just how much we would be surrounded with love and sharing christmas traditions!

Living in a very international city provided us with friends from all different countries, and my best memories stem from showing others how to bake Christmas cookies for the first time and teaching new friends from all over the world how to make salt dough ornaments!

Just before Christmas Day, we held a Christmas party with friends from Japan, West Indies, China and Hong Kong, and I loved everything about sharing our Christmas traditions and what Christmas means to us and seeing some of them catch the Christmas joy for the first time!


That particular Christmas taught me that one of the greatest joys of Christmas is sharing it with others and it doesn’t take being in a familiar place to make Christmas feel at home!


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