unfinished stories

What an honor it is to hear people’s stories. Their experiences, their journeys. The way they dream, the beauty of their adventures. I find myself rejoicing with them in their triumphs, crying with them in their pain. I laugh in the moments filled with humor and hold my breath as the intensity rises. And as I listen to people’s life stories, I try to take a moment to understand what it’s like to be in their shoes. (more…)

from seed to a beautiful cup of coffee

the story of the exploring barista

As I walked into the little Catalonian cafe, I found myself standing in a beautifully designed shop, with all the right gear in sight, and a friendly face greeting me from behind the bar.

We ordered drinks and the barista and I struck up a conversation. The young girl from the Netherlands knows coffee, and she knows it well. But I could also tell there was much more to her than just pouring caffeine by the cupful.

making the world a {beautiful & creative} place


creativity-takes-courageWalking around any given Norwegian city on a weekend in late November and early December, you’re bound to come upon a Christmas market.

They’re put on by schools, churches, clubs and other organizations. A display of various handcrafts and gifts, baked goods and even possibly some activities. (more…)

making the world an {inclusive} place

an extra place at the Christmas table

In 2010, we found ourselves alone in Ukraine at Thanksgiving. For those that are not familiar with this American holiday, it is a big deal. In my opinion, it’s perhaps the best of America’s traditions. It’s a holiday focused not on gifts or commercialism, but on family and friends. (more…)