from seed to a beautiful cup of coffee

the story of the exploring barista

As I walked into the little Catalonian cafe, I found myself standing in a beautifully designed shop, with all the right gear in sight, and a friendly face greeting me from behind the bar.

We ordered drinks and the barista and I struck up a conversation. The young girl from the Netherlands knows coffee, and she knows it well. But I could also tell there was much more to her than just pouring caffeine by the cupful.

making the world a {beautiful & creative} place


creativity-takes-courageWalking around any given Norwegian city on a weekend in late November and early December, you’re bound to come upon a Christmas market.

They’re put on by schools, churches, clubs and other organizations. A display of various handcrafts and gifts, baked goods and even possibly some activities. (more…)

to read or not to read

P1080807Growing up with dyslexia was not easy for 25-year-old Christer Egon Eckermann. As a young boy he experienced reading to be a bit of a chore, and he could not manage to find any joy in the task.

Christer had numerous individuals who worked alongside him to help him improve his reading skills. But for all the individuals that were there to support him, there was still a lack of programs, activities or incentives that motivated him to read. For a number of years he found it to be a challenging, uphill climb.  (more…)

art in oslo

moodbox5Recently we shared the story of Sandefjord’s Jan Rune Johannessen. His creative collision of photography, woodwork, and philosophy make for a fascinating art display, and for interesting conversations as well.

Johannessen’s latest exhibition will be on display tomorrow (June 26) in Oslo at Mathallen’s Smelteverket. If you are in the Oslo area, we encourage you to stop in and take a peek at this interesting display of light, wood, and images.

MoodBox Pop-Up Show
Smelteverket (in the basement of Mathallen)
Sunday, June 26, 2016
13:00 – 17:00

To read more about Jan Rune, visit



the philosophy of art

Jan Rune Johannessen. The man. The artist. The philosopher.


A native of Sandefjord (Norway), Johannessen is a creative. And like most creatives, he is also a thinker and a dreamer. He lives in a world where art and philosophy collide, an environment of cultural curiosity and creative expression.

Tending to shy away from the typical constraints of time and expectations, Jan Rune lives instead in a reality where things will take as long as they must and as long as he feels they should. (more…)

where passion and passport meet

margit1She’s normally behind the lens of the camera. Taking the photos. Making the videos and films. Managing both the creative and the technical.

So as Zack, lead photographer for To Be Told, attempts to capture images of her for the website, it’s a bit of a reversal of roles. And it’s almost comical to see the young woman squirm and giggle as she ‘endures’ her moment in front of the camera.