you complete me. (and all those other cheesy movie lines…)

To Be Told team chapters

dove-family-2015-148When Zack (my husband) and I were probably around 25 years old, we began asking people around us, “when did you finally feel like you were an adult?”The answers varied. Sometimes it was a certain age. Sometimes it was connected to a specific life even like a job or a death in the family. I recall one friend saying “when I had my second child.” (more…)

farewell, Nancy

Her adoring husband scribed a card to her one Thanksgiving, proclaiming, “You are the real And boy am I adessert man!whipped cream on the pumpkin pie of life.” Continuing on, he penned, “And boy am I a dessert man!”

Nancy Reagan, former First Lady of the United States, and wife/widow of former President of the United States, Ronald Regan, (more…)