where passion and passport meet

margit1She’s normally behind the lens of the camera. Taking the photos. Making the videos and films. Managing both the creative and the technical.

So as Zack, lead photographer for To Be Told, attempts to capture images of her for the website, it’s a bit of a reversal of roles. And it’s almost comical to see the young woman squirm and giggle as she ‘endures’ her moment in front of the camera.


my story-telling inspiration

I remember it well: standing atop the vinyl-covered stool, the red embroidered apron, several sizes too large, tied around my waist. In front of me was a sink full of dishes, waiting to be washed and placed in the cupboards. Beside me stood my great-grandmother, patiently aiding my feeble attempts at washing the dirty cutlery and delicate glasses.

This happened most any time I spent the night at her house. I would help with the cooking, and help with the cleaning. I would follow most every step she took. We played paper dolls. And played outside. And a few times a year I’d get to hold Polly, the rag doll that had belonged to my grandmother when she was a little girl.