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What an honor it is to hear people’s stories. Their experiences, their journeys. The way they dream, the beauty of their adventures. I find myself rejoicing with them in their triumphs, crying with them in their pain. I laugh in the moments filled with humor and hold my breath as the intensity rises. And as I listen to people’s life stories, I try to take a moment to understand what it’s like to be in their shoes. (more…)

i hate cancer

To Be Told team chapters

Have you seen the shirts? The bumper stickers? The social media posts? Three little words. But a strong statement against a dreadful disease:



©Billy Howard Photography (1994) A rare glimpse of me during chemo, from the art show & book Angels & Monsters: A Child’s Eye View of Cancer (find it HERE on Amazon)

Okay, some actually use a two-word statement quite a bit stronger. But we’ll attempt to keep this story family-friendly.

I have to admit, I’m not much of a fan myself. I’ve seen it throw people into a tailspin. I’ve seen dreams shattered. I’ve seen what it does to seemingly strong bodies. I’ve seen the tears, uncertainty, anger, fear, questioning: the gamut of emotions which pour out.