a mission statement, if we had such a thing

BEHIND EVERYI recently found myself trying to explain the idea of To Be Told to a local entrepreneur. I actually do this fairly regularly. But this last time, the thoughts and words seemed to come together in a way that made me think, “yeah, that’s it!”

So maybe if To Be Told had a mission statement, this could be it…

Behind every business, boutique, passion or project is a person.
And behind every person is a story.

When those stories are told, a connection is created.
Those businesses, boutiques, passions and projects suddenly have a face.
Those people suddenly become more than just a name.

To Be Told seeks to facilitate that connection,
giving people a place for their stories To Be Told.

(And I love that I get to be a part of telling the stories!)

speaking your language

TranslateScreenShotSince we have readers visiting from a lot of different countries, we will post the majority of the stories in English.

If you want to read anything in another language, we can help! Just look on the righthand side of the webpage, and choose your language from the dropdown menu.

To Be Told’s ‘rules of the game’

Before we get too far into this journey, we wanted to build a foundation and lay out the ground rules.

welcome-toRule #1: 
All story-tellers must be honest. Your story is enough. No embellishments necessary.

Rule #2:
Respect the story-teller. Telling one’s story is not always an easy thing. Story-tellers are brave. But by telling their story, they also become vulnerable. This is a place of encouragement, a place where people should feel safe. So let’s play nice!

Rule #3:
Building off of Rule #2… no rude or hateful comments, no abusive language, no sales pitches, no spam.

Rule #4:
Get involved! We want this to be a community. You can support the story-teller by leaving a comment. Or you can get involved in conversations (again, see Rule #2!) on our Facebook page.

on becoming a story-teller

img_0816In my forty years, I’ve managed to accumulate quite a few stories of my own. Stories of heartache and of triumph. Some funny, some sad, and some that are, to be perfectly honest, probably a bit boring. I’ll try to avoid re-telling those!

Stories of surviving cancer, of meeting the man of my dreams, of dealing with infertility, of finding our children on the other side of the globe.


everyone has a story…

everyon-1So what’s in a name?

Here at To Be Told, we believe everyone has a story. Maybe it’s a story of how you got to where you are. Maybe it’s the tale of hurt, or one of triumph. It’s a story that has unfolded with time, with experience, with both the good and the bad.

Regardless of what it is, everyone has a story to be told. And that’s why we are here!

We look forward to sharing stories that will inspire, encourage, empower, and move you. Perhaps it’s a story like your own. Or maybe it’s a story that will motivate you to write a new chapter of your story.

Sit back and get ready to hear the stories of amazing people from various backgrounds and various geographies. This is To Be Told.